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Roundup Adavance Concentrate is a specially formulated Weedkiller that controls a wide range of difficult to kill weeds, such as bamboo, paspalum, kikuyu, couch, dandelion and many more, without being active in your soil. It is suitable for use in the garden and around waterways. 1L bottle with a self-draining measuring cap that delivers accurate dosing, and is ideal for smaller gardens.

  • Provides a potent solution to combat stubborn weeds and grasses, ensuring a weed-free environment
  • Product offers excellent coverage and is easy to mix, allowing users to treat large areas with just one bottle
  • Delivers visible results within hours after application, ensuring weeds are eliminated promptly
  • Equipped with rainfast properties, meaning it becomes rainproof shortly after application, ensuring its effectiveness even in wet weather conditions

Roundup Advanced Liquid Concentrate 1lt 360g/L Glyphosate

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