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RIVERINA CHICK STARTER CRUMBLES (Medicated) are a complete feed for layer chicks.
This feed is the first stage in a three stage-feeding programme for laying hens.


  • Wheat, maize, sorghum, bran and pollard, a combination of protein meals (cottonseed meal, soybean meal, canola meal, sunflower meal, blood meal, meat meal), vegetable oil, molasses, limestone, mould inhibitor, sodium bicarbonate, salt, choline chloride, amino acids, Saleco®, Riverina vitamin & mineral premix.
  • Base raw materials may gradually change seasonally.


  • Feed from day old to six weeks of age.
  • RIVERINA CHICK STARTER CRUMBLES (Medicated) are a complete feed and no supplementary feeding is necessary.
  • Chicks should have unlimited access to the feed (ad lib).

Approximate feed intakes:

Age of BirdsApproximate Feed Consumption
Day old to one week5 - 10 grams / bird / day
2 weeks10 - 20 grams / bird / day
4 weeks25 - 30 grams / bird / day
6 weeks35 - 40 grams / bird / day
  • NOTE: The above feed intakes are only indicative. Feed intakes will vary with season, variety of bird, lighting, shed conditions, disease status and other environmental conditions.
  • The brooding area should be cleaned thoroughly, spread with fresh litter such as wood shavings and be in a draught free area.
  • A brooder or another heat source will be needed for the first 4 weeks as the chicks are unable to maintain their body temperature until fully feathered. For the first 3 days keep the chicks confined close to the brooder then gradually increase the area around the brooder, over the next couple of weeks, until they have free access to the whole shed.
  • For the first two days of feeding, it is best to spread some feed on large shallow trays or newspaper to encourage the chicks to eat. Change the feed regularly so it remains fresh and palatable.
  • After this a self-feeder can be used. It is important to replace any build-up of stale feed.
  • Chicks should have clean, cool, fresh water available at all times. Initially use a bell drinker or a shallow container with a brick in the middle to prevent drowning. Any wet litter near water points should be removed regularly.

Riverina - Chick Starter 20Kg

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