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Product Description

Rocky Point Lucerne Mulch is a superior natural garden mulch that has been produced from dried, cut and screened Lucerne.


 Lucerne Mulch has a high nutrient and nitrogen content that improves soil health, increases plant growth and provides long term nutrition for your garden.

This product directly supports rural and climate effected farmers, local businesses and provides employment opportunities in regional communities within Australia. We are 100% owned and operated in Australia and committed to long term local development.


  • Insulates plant roots from temperature extremes.

  • Reduces evaporation and conserves soil moisture.

  • Reduces the frequency of watering and prevents damage to plants from water stress.

  • Adds organic matter to the soil.

  • Provides nutrients to plants and soil.

  • Encourages beneficial soil organisms leading to improved soil health.

Rocky Point Lucerne Mulch

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