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Shell Grit Bird Feeding Supplement

Avi One Bird Food range uses only the highest quality ingredients, boosted with added vitamins and minerals.
Australian sourced and packaged, our highly palatable range offers the best nutrition for your feathered friend!

INGREDIENTSNatural fine dry soluble shell grit

Min. Crude Protein 18.0%
Min. Crude Fibre 7.2%
Min. Crude Fat 8.0%
Max. Salt 0.2%

Features & Benefits:

  • Shell Grit can be used as a feeding supplement and digestive aid.
  • Grit in its various forms assist the digestive system by helping to crush seeds and other food in the gizzards.
  • In the wild, many bird species have been observed eating grit in different forms.
  • Natural calcium supplement.
  • Suitable for all bird breeds.
  • Packaged in stand up tear off seal and zip lock resealable pouch bag will keep bird food fresher for longer.

Avione Shell Grit Bird Feeding Supplement 1kg

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