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Aquarium Aqua One Goldfish Pellets 2mm 190g Fish Food


Goldfish Pellets 2mm 190g Aqua One

There are many things to consider in keeping your fish healthy. One of the most effective things is to get their diet right and as close to what they would eat in their natural environment. If your fish have a good healthy diet, they will handle all other kinds of stress much better. and they will grow faster, look better and breed more prolifically. This is exactly what AquaOne try to achieve with their Goldfish Pellet foods.

Aqua One is a brand you can trust for Goldfish Food which provides a powerful nutrient combination of high-quality protein derived from fish meal and crustacean which has been designed to enhance the natural colour, improve the fin development and boost the immune system of all species of Goldfish and most other cold-water fish. 

The Soybean Meal is packed with nutrients including Calcium, Magnesium and many B-complex vitamins and minerals as well as a group of chemicals called Phytochemicals, which help prevent and heal common conditions and diseases. Lecithin helps the fish to absorb nutrients and utilize specific vitamin.  A further ingredient, Astaxanthin, a red pigment that naturally occurs in fish and a natural antioxidant, provides the colouration in fish and makes up for the lack of natural pigment. It is also essential for the fish’s proper growth. Alfalfa will help the fish to thrive in the aquarium. Special krill hydrogenates are added for better digestion and absorption rate allowing maximum nutritional benefit for fish.

Aquarium Goldfish Koi Pellets 2mm Fish Food 190g Aqua One

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