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1lt Surefire Insectigone
Surefire Insectigone is a proven performer, and a perennial favourite with Australia's Professional Pest Management Industry, since it's registration in 2002. The active ingredient, Deltamethrin, is recognized as one of the most potent of the synthetic pyrethroid molecules. Being a suspension concentrate formulation enhances the safety of the applicator and the public, because there is no hydrocarbon solvents which create additional hazards. In fact, Surefire Insectigone is safe for use on export wildflowers!
Surefire Insectigone offers excellent control of these pests;
Cockroaches, Spiders, Silverfish, Clothes moths, Bed bugs, Houseflies, Bark beetle, Fleas, Ants, Carpet beetles, Bird mites, Mosquitoes, Quarantine pests, Borers.
Surefire Insectigone is suitable for use in these areas and situations;
Domestic, Industrial, Export wildflowers, Commercial, Public buildings, Pine logs
Surefire Insectigone is a premium quality 10g/L Deltamethrin based suspension concentrate insecticide, a proven performer with these key features;
- Water based
- Extensive range of target pests
- Fast acting
- Excellent residual action
- The leading general purpose insecticide
- Low mammalian toxicity
- Low odour

Insectigone 1lt

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