Yates Plant Cutting Powder 15g
Yates cutting powder used to stimulate healthy roots on cuttings. Yates Plant Cutting Powder is formulated to encourage rapid root formation on plant cuttings for propagation. Containing two plant hormones, it is simple to use and suitable for most cuttings.
  • Contains two different plant hormones for effective and fast root growth
  • Easy to use, simply dip moistened cutting into powder
  • Suitable for most plants
  • Pack will treat about 500 cuttings
Directions for Use: 
Select healthy end growth and cut on an angle or have a 'heel' that has been ripped from the parent branch.  Cuttings should be from 50mm to 150mm long.  Remove bottom leaves.
Cuttings are taken from plants after their growth period.  This for most plants is late Summer or early Autumn.  For shrubs that flower in the winter, (Camellia, Daphne etc) the new wood is ready for propagating around December.  For spring flowering shrubs (Azaleas) cuttings are ready in Autumn. Rose cuttings should be taken in October from new wood.  When taking cuttings do so in early morning or late afternoon.  Plave freshly cut cuttings immediately in water.  Plant as soon as possible.
Mediums used for the initial rooting stage should be free draining and light.  A misture of peat moss and sand is the most common medium used.  Ordinary garden soil or sandy loam can be used if it is free-draining and not compacted. 


0.05g/kg Indole Acetic Acid

0.02g/kg Naphthalene Acetic Acid



Size: 15g

YATES Plant Cutting Powder 15g Rooting Hormones