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The original Wet and Forget concentrate is the ultimate outdoor moss, mould, lichen and algae remover that is safe to use on any exterior surface. It kills problem spores and helps stop premature regrowth of unwanted biological growth.


How It Works
The original Wet and Forget concentrate has a unique combination of biodegradable selective fungicides to target moss, mould, lichen, algae, and general biological growth. When diluted with water and applied to a dry surface, it immediately attacks the growth. These fungicides work in conjunction with a carefully selected range of surfactants to help loosen and lift biological growth, and then Mother Nature takes over. The weathering process gently removes the decomposing growth over time without damaging the surface it has infested.


  • Safe on any exterior surfaces
  • 2L concentrate (dilution 1:5)
  • Spray on the surface and leave (do not hose off)
  • Unlimited shelf life
  • Not instant green growth decomposes within a week or two, black mould will take 4-6 months to decompose
  • If biological growth is extreme, a second application will be needed a month after the initial application and it may take 6-12 months to decompose
  • Unlike bleach based products Wet and Forget has a residual which will remain on the surface and help control premature regrowth
  • Non-systemic, so safe around plants. If over spray is likely, just hose off or cover before spraying to avoid leaf burn
  • Contains no bleach or chlorine, and is non-caustic and non-acidic
  • Is an easy, do-it-yourself application
  • Requires no scrubbing or water blasting
  • Has a pH of 8 (Water has a pH of 7)
  • Is non-systemic and is biodegradable
  • Dilutes into your garden sprayer
  • Has an unlimited shelf life both in its concentrate form and when made up in a garden sprayer
  • Kills problem spores at the source and helps prevent premature regrowth

Wet & Forget 2L

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