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Active Ingredient: 600g/Kg Metsulfuron Methyl

Group B Herbicide
For the control of brush and broadleaf weeds in native pastures, rights of way, commercial and industrial areas and for the control of certain braodleaved weeds in winter cereal crops as per the Directions of Use table.
Metsulfuron Methyl Features:
  • Low application rates per hectare
  • Environmentally safe to use
  • Very high efficacy
  • Grass-friendly
Metsulfuron Methyl is a very safe, low toxicity and highly effective weed killer. It has a low toxicity to birds, aquatic organisms, bees and earthworms. It also has a low toxicity to mammals and not classified as a poison in the Standard for the Uniform Scheduling of Drugs and Poisons.

Net Contents: 500g

SUREFIRE Metsulfuron Methyl Herbicide 500g

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