Uncle Alber’s is a complete and balanced diet for your dog.


Tasty Beef & Chicken 

No other foods or supplements are required to be fed apart from clean, fresh water.

The quality recipe and exacting nutritional specifications of Uncle Alber’s ensures that your dog receives essential nutrients that are required to maintain health and vitality.

By volume Uncle Alber’s is heavier than many dry dog foods,  during the manufacturing process the ingredients are compressed tightly together into crunchy bite size pieces. These crunchy pieces are beneficial in keeping your dog’s teeth and gums clean and healthy.

As a general guide small dogs will consume approximately 1.5% of bodyweight and large dogsaround 1% of bodyweight. 

Very active dogs may require up to twice the normal amount and lactating bitches two to three times the normal amount.

Adjust the amount fed based upon the body condition of your dog.

If your dog is not familiar with dry dog food it may take a few days to get used to the different crunchy texture.

Uncle Alber's Tasty Beef & Chicken 22kg

Bag Size

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