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Surefire Spectrum 200SC
1 Litre
Spectrum 200SC Insecticide is a Systemic insecticide which targets sucking insects and is soft on non-target insects such as ladybirds, hoverflies, spiders and predatory mites.  
Spectrum 200SC Insecticide is used in the control of aphids, mirids and brown flea beetle on cotton; green peach aphid, woolly aphid, grey cabbage aphid and turnip aphids on crops specified in the directions for use table; and for the control of some insect pests of ornamentals.
Spectrum 200SC is registered for use in the control of all species of subterranean termites (including mastotermes darwiniensis) in both new and existing buildings.  Spectrum kills termites on contact.
Spectrum 200SC Insecticide controls aphids, azalea lace bugs, silverleaf whitefly, thrips, longtailed mealybug, hibiscus flower beetle, harlequin bug, bronze orange bug, Fuller’s rose weevil, psyllids & soft scale on ornamentals, roses and various fruit trees and vegetables. Systemic action – absorbed through the foliage and moves throughout the plant to control insect pests – Works from the inside out.  
  • A non-repellent application which binds readily to soil. 
  • Can’t be detected by termites, greatly assisting with colony control & elimination.
  • Easily applied with your existing treatment equipment.
  • Unbeatable value when compared to other non-repellent termiticides & other liquid temiticides. 

Active Ingredients:

200g/L Imidachloprid

Suspension Concentrate

Group 4A Insecticide

Spectrum 200SC 1 Litre Container Size

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