Squirt Shampoo for Dogs is a professionally formulated with balanced pH formula that maintains the natural oils in your pup's skin.


Squirt delivers high levels of moisture and protection to your puppy's coat, while lanolin soothes and protects from the harsh extremes of the environment.

Squirt Shampoo is gentle enough to use daily if needed because it is mild and gentle on your dog's skin and coat.

Squirt Shampoo for dogs is a gentle blend of ingredients can be used everyday without drying the coat. This helps keep your dog clean and their skin smooth. Deliciously sweet tropical fruit scent.



  • Delivers high levels of moisture and protection
  • PH formulated and balanced with a pH of 7
  • Contains lanolin to moisturise and protect
  • Suitable for every day use
  • Pina Colada (coconut) fragrance.

Shampoo For Dogs 750ml


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