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Searles Spreadmax SPREADER WETTING AGENT Herbicide Additive, 200mL *Aust Brand


Searles Spredmax is a non ionic surfactant (wetting agent), an additive to herbicides, poisons etc to improve "sticking" performance and thus improve the success of the applied chemical or liquid fertiliser.



Helps herbicides, miticides, fungicides & pesticides to stick to plants

Greatly improves performance of sprayed herbicides & pesticides

Beneficial & wise - use less herbicides & pesticides for better results

Beneficial for environment - use less herbicides & pesticides



o    Contents:     1 x Searles Spreadmax SPREADER WETTING AGENT

o    Material:     Liquid spray

Product Dimensions (mm):     W:55 H:140 L:55

Weight:     .2

Ready to use:     No

Concentrate:     Yes

Non Selective:     Yes

Selective:     Yes

Systemic:     Yes

Contact:     Yes

Post emergent:     Yes

Pre emergent:     Yes

Organic:     No

Fruit and Vegetable Friendly:     Yes

Pet and Livestock Friendly:     Yes

o    Brand Name:     Searles

o    Australian Brand

Searles Spredmax 200ml

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