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Searles Kikuyu Lawn Seed produces a hard wearing & attractive lawn grass.

- 90% annual ryegrass
- 10% kikuyu
- Hard wearing and attractive green lawn
- Tolerates poor soils
- Sowing rate: 1kg/75m2 for Lawns

Searles Kikuyu Lawn Seed contains annual ryegrass as a 'nursery' grass for quick germination to limit weed competition and soil erosion. This provides an ideal situation for the kikuyu seed to germinate and flourish. Kikuyu tolerates clay, sandy and dry conditions and will also self-repair after any damage. The annual ryegrass will dye out after the first year leaving a thick and luscious kikuyu lawn.

Maintenance & Hints

- If uneven establishment occurs, cultivate bare patches and apply more lawn seed.
- Regular applications of Searles Robust Lawn Booster will ensure a healthy lawn.
- First mowing should be done at 10cm average grass height. Do not remove more than 1/3 of grass height at any one time. Grass should not be shorter than 4cm deep.
- By applying Searles Penetraide Rewetting granules, you will save money by using less water and provide better growth. Apply every 4-6months.
- Germination and lawn performance will vary due to many factors.
- All Searles lawn seeds are tested to an industry standard of minimum germination rate of 85%.
- Environmental factors such as climate and weather, soil types and general application and fertilising processes may vary its performance.

- Available size: 750g.


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