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Searles Cymbidium & Bromeliad Specialty Mix is professionally blended to suit the requirements of cymbidiums, bromeliads, vireyas, anthuriums and carnivorous plants. It is a blend of high grade, organic based, ingredients selected to promote optimal growth and beautiful flowers.

This specialty mix is designed with the ideal texture and air space for growing prize-winning orchids.
Simply use Searles? Cymbidium & Bromeliad Specialty Mix straight from the bag as is – no additives required.

- Certified AS 3743 for orchid mix.
- Contains 9 month slow release fertiliser for sustained healthy growth.
- Contains Penetraide® Re-Wetting Granules for optimal moisture management.
- Contains complete fertiliser and Trace Elements, enahncing growth & flowering.
- Well drained mix designed to achieve beautiful cymbidiums, bromeliads, vireyas, anthuriums and carnivorous plants.
- Recommended by champion orchid growers.

- Available sizes: 10 litres, 12 litres, 30 litres and 50 litres.

(MCYB 6lt Bag size is discontinued)

Searles Cymbidium & Bromeliad Potting Mix 30Lt - Click & Collect / Local Deliver

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