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Trifend® is a triple action spray for use on ornamentals and roses in the garden. This product is great for use on flowering plants, ornamental gardens, indoor and outdoor pot plants.

Trifend® works in 3 ways; it provides systemic control of fungal diseases for more effective, long term control, kills insects by contact and stomach action and controls two spotted mite.

Fast and effective insect, disease and mite control.

- Insecticide: Kills aphids, thrips, whitefly, budworm and earworm caterpillars
- Fungicide: Systemic control of blackspot, rust and powdery mildew
- Miticide: Controls two-spotted mite

Active Constituents: 9.6g/Lt Tau-Fluvalinate, 4.4g/Lt Mycobutanil

- Systemic control of fungal diseases; black spot, powdery mildew & rust.
- Broad range of target insects - aphids, thrips, whitefly, budworm and earworm caterpillars
- Controls two-spotted mite.
- Controls insects via contact and stomach action.
- Concentrate available in 200ml & 500ml bottles.
- 200ml makes up to 20 litres of mixed spray solution
- 500ml makes up to 50 litres of mixed spray solution
- Ready-To-Use spray available in economical 1Lt size.

Outdoor SearlesTrifend Garden Spray Insecticide Miticide Fungicide 200ml

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