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Insectigone is great stuff. Not only does it kill most household pests like ants, spiders, cockroaches, silverfish, fleas, mosquitoes, flies and more, it is residual so it keeps them away for a few months. It is a non smelling formula, so it won't upset those with sensitive noses while doing its job. A typical application of this product will last up to 6 months. This 250mL bottle is enough to go around the house a few times, giving protection against insect pests in the home for up to 18 months (with 3 x 6 monthly treatments). The active ingredient in Insectigone is 10g/L of deltamethrin. Some of your common supermarket insect sprays have the same ingredient, but at an extraordinarily low concentration of 0.3g/L. This means this represents great value for money over "cheap" supermarket alternatives.

Insectigone 250mL Residual Insecticide

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