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The highest organics analysis in any grass fertiliser combined with a high NPK. Formulated with specially coated high analysis Urea and DAP to complex and stabilise the vital growth nutrients often lost through leaching or volatilisation (the loss of nitrogen to the atmosphere as ammonia gas), giving extended nitrogen and phosphorus protection and release which means less fertilising with greener more manageable growth over a longer period. The ONLY organic complete grass fertiliser with 4% Calcium for soil balance and plant health. Calcium helps alleviate the acidifying effects of soluble fertiliser nutrients. Healthy turf requires good trace element levels BUT don’t pay for extra iron if you don’t need it! Most soils are rich in iron however it is often unavailable to plants especially if complexed with soluble P. The high percentage organics in Grassmaster®, includes humic acid, a natural material that helps release iron and phosphorus from the soil for easier plant uptake.

Grassmaster 25kg

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