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High absorbency woodshavings ideal for animal bedding.


Our First Class Woodshavings have the highest absorbency rate available, which makes it ideal for use as a natural, clean and hygienic animal bedding in the equestrian, poultry and pet industries. Shavings can also be reused as organic fertiliser once finished with.



Benefits of Rocky Point Mulching First Class Woodshavings:

  • 100% pure kiln dried untreated timber
  • Thin curled flake shaving (no low absorbent wood chip or stringy type shaving)
  • Highest absorbency woodshavings available
  • Triple screened, dust extracted
  • Excellent for horses, chooks and most small animals
  • Easy to handle high compression bales
  • 0.066m3 compressed woodshavings in each bale

Rocky Point Wood Shavings 70 Litres

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