Felix As Good As It Looks Doubly Delicious Mixed Selection

Felix As Good As It Looks Mixed Selection contains a mix of delicious meals precisely balanced for adult cats. With tender meaty and fishy pieces in a scrumptious jelly, these tasty meals look and smell so enticing, they are sure to tempt even the fussiest kitties. Spoil your cat with this smorgasbord of delectable flavours.

This selection contains 12 x 85g pouches in three different flavours: 4x with Salmon & Snapper; 4x with Tuna & Sardine; 4x with Duck & Lamb

  • Three different flavours for variety
  • Tasty meaty pieces in jelly
  • Delicious taste, can be used to tempt cats with a fussy appetite

Felix Wet Cat Food Adult Doubly Delicious Mixed Selection Pouches12 x 85g