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In Gardening:

Diatomaceous Earth is fully organic and when incorporated increases nutrient retention, provides plant available silica and increases water withholding, promoting plant health. Silica is used by plants to strengthen cell walls and membranes. Research has shown that silica can stimulate the development of plant growth. DE puts great vitality into natural soils, potting mixes and a diversity of other landscape materials.

In Poultry:

DE's porous structure creates the ideal absorbent material to be spread in coops, on perches and in and around nesting boxes. When DE is included in feed rations it can improve feathering and increase egg production by removing internal worms and parasites. DE provides a food rich in minerals followed-on by increased chickens weight gain and egg production. Diatomaceous Earth cell structure destroys nasty domestic pests in the coop; flies, mites, fleas and worms.

It is environmentally friendly and this allows DE to be disposed of into the home garden after use in coups.

Diatomaceous Earth - Regular Grade 2.5kg

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