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Black Hawk Chicken & Rice Holistic Adult Formula is designed to meet the AAFCO standards for growth and maintenance of dogs, ensuring your dog has the correct nutrients, vitamins and minerals for optimal health. This formula includes chicken meal lower in protein and fat, while also highly nutritious; brown rice a complex carbohydrate and high in B vitamins; chicken fat a high quality source of essential fatty acids and energy.

Black Hawk Chicken & Rice Adult Formula is low in energy, protein and fat. Suitable for breeds who function better with lower protein and fat in their diets. Ideal for all life stages. Our story is real, and simple every ingredient matters. Everything we do, every product we make, is all about making sure your pet gets everything they need, and nothing they don't. Real meat, real veggies. No fillers, no nasties. Nothing but the best for our besties.

  • 22% protein, 12% fat
  • 100% Australian made
  • Made with emu oil
  • No artificial colours or flavours


Also available in 3kg, 10kg & 20kg varieties.

Blackhawk Chicken & Rice 20kg

  • Daily Feeding Guide

    • Recommended feeding portions
    • Feeding portion per day – please adjust quantities as needed.
    • 1 metric cup = 125g
    • Over 35kg add 110g for each 10kg of weight
    Weight Grams Per Day Portion Cups
    Up to 5kg 20 – 70g

    ¼ - ½

    5 – 10kg 70 – 110g ½ - ¾
    10 – 15kg 110 – 150g ¾ - 1¼
    15 – 25kg 150 – 250g 1¼ - 2
    25 – 35kg 250 – 350g 2 - 2¾
    35kg+ Add 100g per 10kg 
    of body weight
    Add ¾ per 
    10kg of body weight
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