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Lawn Grubs!

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Lawn grubs are prevalent during the warmer Australian months. This is the time when your lush green lawn is most susceptible because it is healthy, fertile and full of nutrients. Following their maturity, lawn grubs turn into moths and beetles (an unfortunate and never ending cycle!).

How to Identify

There are many visual indicators that you have a lawn grub infestation in your lawns. These include:

Dead Patches As the grubs feed on the lawn leaves and or the root system, the lawn will develop visible brown patches. These patches can be particularly prevalent following winter when the lawn is slow to grow and develop.

Other signs to keep an eye out for include white moths flying around as the sun goes down, white egg sacs on your house (eaves, fences, foliage, and furniture) as well as an increase in lawn grub predators such as birds or orange/black wasps.

Have lawn grub? Dont worry we are here to help. We stock a large range of products that can help your lawn on its path to recovery. Check them out in our 'Lawn Grub' Section of our store here.

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